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Episode 7: Getting to Know Ali Stoffels of



Curt and Patti speak with recreational gymnastic powerhouse Ali Stoffels about her role in creating programs and resources to help her industry grow and how to apply that to other recreational sports.

Curt fills us in on Ali’s life story. We also learn that Ali loves jump shots (below), is kind of internet famous, and inspires the heck out of us with all the cool projects she’s working on.


Ali, Curt & Patti also bond over a shared love of goats and a shared love of a musical decade.

Here’s the goat Instagram account Patti referenced – Goats of Anarchy

How it all came to be

Ali tells us about her love of travel, time at camp and how she ended up at her dream job.

RPG & After School Sports

We find out what inspired Ali to become a leader in the gymnastic community, why she thought Curt was going to yell at her via email last year, and what Patti’s campers thought was “pitiful” about her.

Ali describes her method of creating new programs, teaches Patti and Curt about the use of zones in creating successful programs (which is apparently very common in outdoor ed and recreation degrees… probably shouldn’t have studied history, eh Patti?!)

“To run a successful and interesting, and engaging program you have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone…”

We also learn what Ali thinks is the most powerful tool you can have when leading kids.

Ali tells us how she organized a successful directors summit in less than two months, the feedback she got from other recreational gymnastic directors, and what a community harvest is, then she tells us what she would do with an unlimited amount of legos.

How to reach Ali

Things we’re grateful for

Patti’s grateful for becoming Linus AND electricity, Ali’s grateful for encouragers and sweater weather, Curt’s grateful for people who push the boundaries… and also electricity… and also Ali.

Random Questions

If you could only listen to one decade of music, which decade would you choose?
Curt, Ali, and Patti bonded over their favourite decade of music because there are SO MANY OPTIONS!

Where’s your favourite place that you’ve traveled to?
Part B: If you could have a two-week all-expense paid vacation anywhere, where would you go?

Ali loved a super cool tour she did in Bolivia that made her feel like she was a space traveller (or very possibly drugged…) she’d love to go to Scandinavia for an all-expense paid trip.

New York is Patti’s top pick for favourite place to visit so far, (because she’s just a small town girl, livin’ in a small town world) her choice for an all- expense paid trip would be New Zealand.

Curt’s obvious answer is Disneyland and he thinks Holland is pretty cool too, if he got to choose an all-expense paid trip he’d choose New Zealand too (well… right after a Disney Cruise).

Should we take this podcast on the road to New Zealand? We think so!

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