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Episode 8: Recreation Programs for PD Days and Other School Holidays



In this episode we learn what PD day camps are and reinforce the notion that growing up in Southern California versus the East Coast of Canada make for two VERY different sets of expectations when it comes to winter activities.

We find out where Curt is and who he may be playing Pinochle with, and Patti & Curt share a lot of stories, unrelated to the topic, but totally on brand!

School Holiday Day Camps

Patti and Curt suggest a bunch of activities you can do with kids, whether you’re in the snow or the sun. They also discuss who to approach to crowdsource ideas for tours or guests and agree that, while neither of them are ‘science people’, it should always be incorporated into programs for youth, because there’s so many cool things to do.

Curt is shocked to learn that kids play outdoors in the winter, when it’s cold out, and he learns what a touque is.

Our hosts also list the tours and guests they’ve used in the past, and rank their favorites, and Patti talks about her least favourite tour.

We also learn that glass blowing is pretty cool, and how Curt brought a touch of winter to SoCal.

Indoor Snowballs

Things we’re grateful for

Curt is grateful for “mini computers in our pockets” and remembers when microwaves where “the next big thing”,  and Patti is grateful for community events (and admits she was previously wrong about her community).

Random questions of the week

What’s your favourite childhood toy?
Patti tells us about a teddy bear that ends up resembling her grandfather, and Curt reminisces about his 2-XL that made learning fun and played 8-tracks.

Which is worse, blood work or a filling?
We find out which host faints while giving blood, and which one thinks band aids hurt more than needles.

To suggest random questions, comment below (so you don’t have to hear about blood work or fillings anymore)!

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