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Episode 9: Using Technology at Summer Camp



Technology at camp has been a bit of a hot button issue within the camping industry over the last few years. Patti and Curt discuss the two camps people usually fall in, and some ways to make technology work for and in your programs, and their disdain for 3 hour lineups to register for a recreation program.

What we’re reading

Curt tells us about the first book in a sci-fi trilogy he’s reading which he describes as a “fun read” and he actually makes it sound pretty interesting.

Patti is reading what she describes as a “classic in the business book genre”.

Technology at Camp

Patti tells us about her experience working at a camp for people with disabilities and how devices fit into that scenario.
Her and Curt talk about apps and other ways to use devices for your administration needs, such as sign in/ out procedures, keeping camp safe, gathering promo materials, an extra “helper” in cabins, and the Poseidon System to make your pool just a little safer.

They also list a number of really cool apps, and some ways to use them to enhance your programs in areas like stargazing, nature activities, treasure hunts, drama, and more.
Curt also comes up with a really cool ‘reality show confessional’ style of communicating with parents (although hopefully not as dramatic as most reality show confessionals).

Websites referenced:

Go Camp Pro Article by James Davis about technology at his camp Stomping Ground

Field Friendly Apps website designed by Joy Kacoroski. Recommended by Kendra Liddicoat on the Summer Camp Professionals Face Book Page.  

Things we’re grateful for

Curt is grateful for Patti, and the fact that she’s Canadian, and Patti is grateful for Autumn, not a person, just the season.

Random questions of the week

What was your first record?
Curt was gifted with KISS’s Double Platinum album and Patti refused to pick just one, so she went with her first ‘actual’ tape, Jem and the Holograms, first ‘grown up’ tape, Joey Lawrence (… woah!) and first CD, the Forrest Gump soundtrack.

Tell us about how you’re using technology in your program in the comment section below, and tell us which camp you land in, in the great technology debate.

How to reach us:

Curt: Summer Camp Pro

Patti: The Camp Nerd

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