It can be hard staying organized and on track with all of your tasks – ESPECIALLY as you get closer and closer to camp season.

We have some tools that we use daily to help us stay (relatively) organized and on track.
So we thought we’d share the with you in the hopes that at least one of them might make your life a little easier.

We used the free version of (almost) everything below.
There are no affiliate links. Just praise for the sake of it. 🙂


We’ve started using Airtable within the last year and it’s been an awesome way to keep track of projects.
It’s a spreadsheet, database, task manager, all rolled into one.
We started using this to track everything for our Podcast and most things for Patchwork it’s been super helpful.



We recommend Canva all the time.
It’s the number one tool we recommend to our authors.
There is no easier way to create beautiful designs.


We’ve been using pocket for a while now. It’s the easiest way to save articles to read later – or to POST later.
You can organize things by tag and share them with your audience later, it’s a great way to build content to share on social media. Or to just read for your own benefit.


Zoom was recommended to us by a few people, and we very recently started using it for our podcast.
We ended up buying the paid version of this, because the free version only records for 40 minutes but so far we’re pretty happy with it so far.


We actually use the FB messenger app A LOT.
Since there’s just the two of us, and we live in different Countries it’s our main form of communication during the week.
We’ve also started using messenger calling option for our weekly meetings.



This is the app we used to do our FaceBook live chats during our Patchwork one year anniversary party.We used the 30 day trial and were huge fans.
We’ve not had a reason to use it since, but would likely pay for it if we needed to use it more often.


We use a lot of Google tools, most notably the calendar, Google drive, and docs & sheets. We’ve had to use the later less often because of Airtable, but they still come in super handy when you need em.


All of our newsletters get sent from Mailer lite. It’s similar to MailChimp but there are more options available for the free version.


This is how we pay all of our Patchwork authors. It’s so simple and fairly inexpensive.



What are some of your favourite apps that make your life easier, and your work more productive?

Tell us about it in the comment section below!
Tomorrow, check out Patti’s blog post over on The Camp Nerd about the other apps that she loves.

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