Everyone is busy getting ready for camp, and new staff are nervous about all kinds of things:
Will their campers like them?
Will they have all the right supplies and equipment?
Will they be asked to sing a song at campfire?

But what if they don’t know any camp songs? Panic level increases!
So, to help decrease your staff’s level of anxiety we decided to round up of our top 5 favourite camp song resources so they can get a head start on learning some songs, and your returning staff can go down the camp song rabbit hole while they’re counting down to camp!

1. Ultimate Camp Resource

Loads of camp songs listed AND they have a YouTube channel too, in case you want more than just lyrics.


2. Dragon’s Campfire Songbook

This is my favourite camp song resource. There are no videos, but it’s perfect for those times when you sort of remember a song and just need the lyrics to refresh your memory.

3. Camp Leadership

Lots of good camp song videos here too. My favourite is this rendition of Little Red Wagon performed by Forrest Perry.


4. Camp Songs

Awesome list of camp songs on this site.

5. Girl Scout Sing Along

Lots of Girl Scout specific and general camp songs.
The one below is just one of my favourite camp songs, it’s so sweet – and they sing it MUCH prettier than any of my campfire circles ever have!



6. The Learning Station

Ok, this one can be a little bit painfully hilarious, because it’s designed for littles, but there are still lots of great camp songs to learn and practice!


Let us know in the comment section what your favourite camp songs are, and where you go to learn new songs!


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